The video shows a single coil & multiple coils pulse generator . This is my first project and the device resemble a little working bench that will give me the chance to try out different combinations and setups between coils and magnets to be used in the attempt to achieve overunity by the resulting coil pulse generating system . The device is builded in a similar fashion to other devices visible in various videos that have been published on the net by various builders whose claims to be able to achieve overunity by such kind of devices have raised my interest in the subject . By performing a series of tests whit my device I will try myself to achieve such a result in order to make my own mind about the chance of producing overunity by coil pulse generating systems . I’d like to point out that even if this argument is indeed controversial, I think that in any case is important to keep in mind that in this kind of devices the interaction between components creates such a delicate equilibrium of forces that even if anyone should experience a personal failure during testing of a single device , this can’t be used as a meter of judgment against the claims of success made by others . PS I did’nt have the time and commitment to run the device and meanwhile monitor the 2 connected batteries ( one running the device and one recharged by the device ) for a time long enough ( let’s say a full week ) to be able to express a final opinion about it. But what i can say is that during