Magniwork is a new product which claims that the use of a free energy magnet motor can provide free energy to domestic consumers and households. They claim that you can build a magnetic power generator by following their guide.

Magnetic power is not a new phenomenon. It has been in development and research for years and works by tapping into Zero Point energy. The Zero Point field is a vast sea of energy that surrounds us and the use of Zero point energy is also referred to as extracting energy from the vacuum of space that surrounds us.

Perendev Power, a South African company, claim to have developed a 20 Kw magnetic motor driven generator set requiring no input of any kind and have licensed the technology to a German firm for distribution in Europe.

The bottom line is that governments and oil companies have for years been quick to pour cold water on the use of magnetic power but the reality is that the work has been going on by pioneers across the globe.

Magniwork are providing a detailed guide with instructions telling you how to make your own generator through the use of magnetic energy which will provide you with, what is effectively, free power. The Zero point magnetic power generator is basically a Free Energy Generator which uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion.

Energy experts that by 2020 free energy magnetic motors and generators will be in everyday use so now is a good time to jump in and check it out for yourself and be one of the pioneers.

Their guide is pretty easy to follow and anyone who is concerned about clean, renewable fuels and creating a free energy magnet motor should check it out because the savings, both financially and environmentally, are potentially enormous.

John O’Toole is a smallholder on the west coast of Ireland who has been a pioneer of self sufficiency long before it became popular.
He is also a prize winning breeder of chickens and producer of free range eggs from his own flock.
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